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Competition Policy

Sector inquiry into the provision of sports content over third generation (3G) mobile networks (archive)

This page presents the preparatory work for the final report  of the inquiry: the preliminary report, the statements made during its public presentation and the comments received.

Documents are presented in inverse chronological order.

Non-confidential comments from interested parties on preliminary findings of the New Media (3G) Sector Inquiry

Comments received from TV operators


Comments received from rights holders


Comments received from telecom operators


Comments received from other interested parties


Public presentation of the preliminary findings of the New Media (3G) Sector Inquiry, Brussels 27 May 2005


Statements and papers presented
  • Keynote speech  – Philip Lowe, Director General, DG Competition
  • G. Rocca , Deputy Director General Antitrust, DG Competition - Introductory speech 
  • Overview of the situation in the 3G sector. Peter Rodford, European Commission, DG Information Society - Presentation slides 
  • Analytical framework of the sector inquiry. Dr Gunnar Niels, Oxera - Presentation slides 
  • Sports content over 3G. Market definition issues. Alain Crawford, DG Competition - Presentation slides 
  • Business patterns. Nynke Tigchelaar, DG Competition - Presentation slides 
  • Preliminary findings in the EFTA States. Dessislava Choumelova, EFTA Surveillance Authority - Presentation slides 
  • Hannah McCausland, European Newspaper Publishers' Association - ENPA - Paper 
  • Comments on the issues paper. Damien Geradin, University of Liège and College of Europe, Bruges. Presentation slides 
  • Ric Brown, Telenor Nordic. Presentation slides 
  • Mobile sports rights in context Richard Feasey, Vodafone Group Service Limited. Presentation slides 


Preliminary findings (May 2005)

Issues paper  on the preliminary findings