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Competition Policy

Fisheries and aquaculture

State Aid Policy

The Commission has set up a specific framework of rules for State aid in the fishery and aquaculture sector. As of 1st January 2020, DG Competition is responsible for State Aid control in this sector (as in the agricultural sector) following the transfer of this competence in 2020 from DG MARE.

State aid to promote the economic development of the fishery and aquaculture sector is closely related Common Fisheries Policy (CPF). Within the CFP, the Union provides financial support to the fisheries and aquaculture sector.

State aid Legal Framework (as from 2023)


Antitrust rules

The competition rules for fisheries products are set out in Regulation1379/2013. Under Article 40 of Regulation 1379/2013  standard competition rules apply to fishery and aquaculture products. The Regulation also sets out some specific derogations.