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Competition Policy

Review of the Commission Notice on the definition of relevant market for the purposes of Community competition law

Policy field

Competition: Antitrust and merger control


Target group

All citizens, organisations and public authorities are welcome to contribute to this consultation.


Period of consultation

From 08.11.2022 to 13.01.2023


Objective of the consultation

The present consultation is carried out in the context of the ongoing review of the Market Definition Notice. The purpose of the consultation is to gather stakeholders’ opinion in relation to the draft revised Market Definition Notice, first rendered public on 8 November 2022.

On 12 July 2021, the European Commission published a staff working document summarising the findings of the evaluation of the Commission’s Market Definition Notice used in EU competition law (OJ C 372, 9.12.1997, p. 5–13, ‘the Notice’).

The Commission published the Notice in 1997 to explain how it applies the concept of relevant product and geographic market in enforcing EU competition law (Art. 101 and 102 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union and in merger control under Council Regulation (EC) No 139/2004). The evaluation – included in the Commission’s 2021 work programme – showed that the Notice remains highly relevant and effective in providing correct, comprehensive and clear guidance on key issues of market definition and the Commission’s approach to it. At the same time, the evaluation also suggested that the Notice does not fully reflect developments in best practices in market definition that have taken place since 1997 

How to submit your contribution

We welcome contributions from citizens, organisations and public authorities.

  • If you are answering this consultation as a citizen, please click here to submit your contribution.
  • If you are answering this consultation on behalf of an organisation, please click here to submit your contribution.
  • If you are answering this consultation on behalf of a public authority, please click here to submit your contribution.

Received contributions will be published on this webpage. Submissions that are clearly marked "confidential" will be treated as such and not published. If you want your contribution to be published, please also provide a non-confidential version of your reply.

We would appreciate receiving submissions electronically as attachments to emails in English, French or German. These attachments should, furthermore, be submitted in “.docx” or “.pdf” format, otherwise they will not be published.

It is important to read the privacy statement attached to this consultation for information on how your personal data and contribution will be dealt with.

Please note that replies received after the deadline will not be taken into account.


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Background documents

Contact details

Responsible service:
Directorate-General for Competition – Unit A2
Please always indicate the reference number in your correspondence: HT.5789


Postal address:
European Commission
Directorate-General for Competition, Unit A2
Merger Registry
1049 Bruxelles / Brussel
Belgique / België
Ref.: HT.5789



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