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Competition Policy

Publication of Commission decisions adopted under Regulation (EC) No 1/2003

In line with the general principles outlined in Article 1 of the Treaty on the Function of the European Union (TFEU), Commission Decisions are taken as openly as possible, and as much information as possible is made available to the public.

Article 30 of Regulation (EC) No 1/2003 requires the Commission to publish certain information in the decisions that it takes pursuant to Articles 7 to 10, 23 and 24. This information, the final report of the Hearing Officer and the opinion of the Advisory Committee are published in the Official Journal.

In line with established practice, the Commission also publishes a public version of the entire decision on the DG Competition website.

Undertakings can claim confidentiality for business secrets and other confidential information that should not appear in the public version of the Commission decision and in the related publications.

The Document below sets out how the Commission prepares the public version of antitrust decisions. It describes (i) what undertakings can claim for redaction and how they have to submit their claims; (ii) what the Commission redacts on its own initiative and (iii) the procedure that is followed to settle confidentiality claims.

14 JANUARY 2021