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Competition Policy

Practical Information for Mergers

Special measures due to Coronavirus

Submission of documents:

  • eTrustEx (Trusted Document Exchange) ensures secure transmission of documents between DG Competition and external stakeholders
  • eRFI (electronic Request for Information) supports the process of requesting information from market participants and collecting responses in the context of market investigations

Format of notifications and reasoned submissions:

Corrigendum to the Communication pursuant to Articles 3(2), 6(2), 13(3), 20(1), 20(1a) and 23(4) of Commission Regulation (EC) No 802/2004. Official Journal C 270, 19.8.2014, p. 9–10

Communication pursuant to Article 23(1) of Commission Regulation (EC) No 802/2004 Official Journal C 64, 05.03.2013, p. 1

In accordance with Article 18(1) and (3) of the Merger Regulation and Article 17(1) of the Merger Implementing Regulation, the notifying parties will be given access to the Commission's file upon request at every stage of the procedure following the notification of the Commission's objections up to the consultation of the Advisory Committee.

Allocation of cases

Please send this case allocation request (.docx format) to the Merger Registry by email or by fax no later than 12.00 noon on a Friday, so that DG Competition can allocate staff the following week.
Please note that in January 2023 the first case allocation will take place on Monday 09/01/2023.


Commission holidays:

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