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Competition Policy

European Commission's Workshop on Competition in Virtual Worlds and Generative AI


When: 28 June 2024

Where: DG Competition MADO's Auditorium

The European Commission is pleased to announce its upcoming workshop on competition in virtual worlds and generative AI, scheduled for 28 June 2024. This event serves as a follow-up to the call for contributions launched in January 2024, which sought insights into the state of competition within these two sectors. 

The workshop presents an opportunity to further explore the findings and reflections initiated by the call for contributions and it aims to foster a deeper understanding of competition dynamics within virtual worlds and generative AI, exploring the challenges, opportunities, and regulatory implications arising from the evolving landscape of digital innovation.

The workshop will feature three panel discussions, each addressing key themes and issues pertinent to competition in virtual worlds and generative AI. Distinguished participants from various backgrounds, including national competition authorities, academia, big tech companies, startups, and other stakeholders, will contribute their expertise and insights to the discussions.

Join us for an opportunity to contribute to the debate on competition in virtual worlds and artificial intelligence as well as to discuss what the future may hold.

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Download here the .pdf version of the Programme