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Competition Policy

Markets for People debate series: Third debate

University of Salamanca, Aula Salinas | 20 October 2023

Click above to watch highlights of the third debate in the Markets for People series. You can watch the full debate here.

This episode of the Markets for People series was titled “how can we make markets fairer?”

The speakers were:

  • Cani Fernández, President, National Commission for Markets and Competition (CNMC) (opening remarks) 
  • Joaquín Almunia, former European Commissioner for Competition
  • Miguel Bordiú, Secretary of the Board, CNMC
  • Fernando Carbajo, Dean of the Law School, University of Salamanca
  • Adriana Casillas, CEO, Tebrio
  • Ileana Izverniceanu, Director, Communication and Institutional Relations, OCU

Ana García, from the Directorate-General for Competition of the European Commission moderated the debate.

The debate took place at the University of Salamanca, Aula Salinas on 20 October 2023


An old fresco for a modern debate (click here)