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Competition Policy

EU Merger Regulation 139/2004: 20 Years that Made a Difference


When: 18 April 2024

Where: The Square, Brussels

To mark the twentieth anniversary of the EU Merger Regulation (Regulation 139/2004), DG COMPETITION is organising a conference that will bring together leading experts to discuss and reflect on the impact of EU merger control over the last decades.

The event will be a full-day conference with keynote speeches, panels and a fireside chat, involving contributors from DG Competition, National Competition Authorities, judges, competition enforcement practitioners, in-house counsels and academics on a wide range of topics related to the main theme.

While companies combining forces and creating mergers or joint ventures can expand markets and bring benefits to the economy, some combinations may reduce competition. The objective of examining proposed mergers is to prevent harmful effects on competition. The EU Merger Regulation (Regulation 139/2004), which turns 20 this year, is the Commission’s legal basis for reviewing mergers and determining their compatibility with the Single Market.  

Join us for an opportunity to contribute to the debate on the successes and challenges of the past 20 years of EU merger control; as well as to discuss what the future may hold.

Registrations are now closed. You can follow the livestream of the event here below, no registration needed.