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Competition Policy

Bilateral relations with South Africa

Cooperation between DG Competition and Competition Commission of South Africa (CCSA) is based on the Trade, Development and Cooperation Agreement, a Memorandum of Understanding and the SA-EU Strategic Partnership.

First, under the Trade, Development and Cooperation Agreement between the EU and South Africa the following provisions apply:

  • Restrictions on competition and abuses of dominant positions affecting trade between the EU and South Africa are incompatible with the agreement,
  • Appropriate measures can be taken by either side, if it considers that a particular practice is harmful to its interests,
  • Public aid not supporting a specific public policy objective of either party is incompatible with the agreement,
  • Serious consideration must be given to requests to investigate cases in which the EU or South Africa considers that anti-competitive activity affecting its interests is taking place in the other's territory,
  • The EU will grant South Africa technical assistance in the field of competition.

Second, DG Competition and the CCSA signed a Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation in 2016. The Memorandum of Understanding provides for the following:

  • Provisions on cooperation, e.g., exchanging non-confidential information, experiences and views, including technical cooperation (e.g., the organisation of workshops for capacity building)
  • Assistance to be provided between both sides, e.g., initiating or expanding enforcement activities
  • Avoidance of conflict between both sides with an endeavor to conduct consultations

Third, DG Competition cooperates with the CCSA via the Dialogue Facility of the SA-EU Strategic Partnership by, amongst others, organising joint conferences and workshops.