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Competition Policy

Whistle-blower Communication Tools

Inside knowledge and assistance can be a powerful tool to help the European Commission uncover cartels and other anti-competitive practices more swiftly than might otherwise be possible. It can contribute to the success of our investigations

You as an individual can help in the fight against cartels and other anti-competitive practices, such as agreeing on prices or procurement bids, keeping products off the market or unfairly excluding rivals. These practices cause immense damage to Europe's economy. They can deny customers access to a wider choice of goods and services at reasonable prices, stifle innovation and put companies out of business.

If you are aware of business practices that you think are wrong, you can help us investigate such practices by voluntarily providing us with information. This information can be for example, facts concerning anti-competitive conduct, its circumstances and the individuals involved that are not publicly known but are known to you. They can concern past, ongoing or planned anti-competitive behaviour.



How to blow the whistle

We are fully available to offer our assistance and to answer any questions you might have in case you decide to contact us.

You can help us best if you come forward openly (giving your name and position and naming the source of your information), since this will give your statement more credibility and is more likely to enable us to take action.

  • If you are willing to reveal your identity:
  • If you are not willing to reveal your identity: you can send us an anonymous message. We have taken detailed steps to protect your anonymity as far as possible.
    • We use an experienced and specialised external intermediary. The intermediary's state-of-the-art tool is designed to protect the anonymity of whistleblowers. Similar tools are used by competition authorities in Germany, Denmark and other Member States.
    • Once you enter your message into the intermediary's encryption tool, it will alert us.
    • If you want to, you can agree to two-way communication with us so that we can ask you for additional information or clarification, and so to increase the likelihood that we can take actions based on your information. In this case, the intermediary will give you a passcode that you can use to log into the intermediary's tool and see our response. The tool only delivers your message; it does not provide us with any additional information (such as your IP-address or password you have chosen to retrieve our messages). 

 If you already sent us a message and allowed for us to reply, click on the above hyperlink to check for a reply.

Please note that the above mentioned telephone number, e-mail address and anonymous reporting tool are only to be used for whistleblowers. Given the importance of these communication channels, no other queries will be answered.

The telephone line is monitored from 09:00 to 17:00 on weekdays. Outside of these times, please use the e-mail address or the anonymous reporting tool.