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Competition Policy

Antitrust and Cartels procedures

Procedures for investigations into possible infringements of Articles 101 and 102 TFEU for Antitrust and Cartel investigations

Under the Commission's leniency programme, companies that provide sufficient information about a cartel in which they have participated might receive full or partial immunity from fines

Article 20 of Regulation 1/2003 empowers the Commission to carry out inspections on the premises of companies suspected of breaching EU Competition law

The European Commission conducts sector inquiries when it believes that a market is not working as well as it should be and also believes that breaches of the competition rules might be a contributory factor.

The settlement procedure is a type of procedure that is used by the Commission to speed up the adoption of a cartel decision.

The Commission encourages citizens and firms to inform them about suspected infringements of competition rules.