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Competition Policy

The Single Market Programme (SMP)


The Single Market Programme (SMP) was adopted on 28 April 2021. With EUR 4,208 million over the period 2021-2027, the SMP provides an integrated package to support and strengthen the governance and functioning of the Single Market.

The SMP includes a budget dedicated to actions in support of competition policy. This Competition Programme will enable the Commission to directly support competition policy development and to ensure efficient, effective and relevant competition enforcement.

The SMP is a modern, simple and flexible programme, which consolidates a large range of activities that were previously financed separately, into one coherent programme. It will ensure continuity in the efficient delivery of the Single Market on the ground, while providing better value for money for EU citizens, and allow focus on priorities essential for the recovery.


The Single Market Programme will support:

  1. Making the internal market work better including through improved market surveillance, as well as through enhanced competition policy that contributes to a level playing field and empowers businesses;
  2. Improving the competitiveness of businesses, especially SMEs, to complement financial support offered through Invest EU;
  3. Ensuring the European standardisation and development of international financial and non-financial reporting and auditing standards;
  4. Ensuring a high level of consumer protection and product safety, promoting the interests of consumers, including in financial services;
  5. A high level of health for humans, animals and plants throughout the food chain; and
  6. Producing and communicating high-quality statistics on Europe.

Competition policy for a stronger union in the digital age

As part of the SMP, the Competition Programme will support competition policy and enforcement actions that protect competition on the market, make the competition policy and rules fit for modern economy in an ever-changing environment (e.g. new technologies, business models and consumer behaviour) and foster a competition culture and cooperation in the EU and worldwide. It will allow the Commission to invest in

  • effective and up-to-date enforcement of EU competition policy and policy actions;
  • cooperation and partnerships with public administrations in the EU as well as global cooperation and partnerships with third country authorities;
  • awareness raising on EU competition policy.

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Calls for tenders (contracts)

Public contracts are awarded through calls for tenders (public procurement) to buy services, goods or works in order to ensure the operations of EU institutions or programmes.

Calls for proposals (grants)

Grants are awarded to co-finance specific projects or objectives through calls for proposals, e.g. training of national judges.