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Competition Policy

Temporary Crisis Framework

On 23 March 2022, the European Commission adopted a Temporary Crisis Framework to enable Member States to use the flexibility foreseen under State aid rules to support the economy in the context of Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

The Temporary Crisis Framework complements the existing State aid toolbox with many other possibilities already available to Member States, such as measures providing compensation to companies for damages directly suffered due to exceptional circumstances, and measures outlined in the Commission Communications on energy market developments.

The new framework enables Member States to (i) grant limited amounts of aid to companies affected by the current crisis or by the related sanctions and countersanctions; (ii) ensure that sufficient liquidity remains available to businesses; and (iii) compensate companies for the additional costs incurred due to exceptionally high gas and electricity prices.

Statement by Executive Vice-President Margrethe Vestager on the Temporary Crisis Framework.

DG Competition has set-up a dedicated mailbox, to assist Member States with any queries they have or measures they would like to discuss on the Temporary Crisis Framework.

Notification template - This form should be annexed to the standard notification form in SANI2.

Commission case practice under point 47c and 50c of the Temporary Crisis Framework.

Guidance on block-notifications of amendments under the Temporary Crisis Framework.

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