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Competition Policy

Consultation on the Notice on a Simplified Procedure for the Treatment of Certain Types of Aid

Policy field

Competition: State aid


Target group

Public authorities, citizens, companies and organisations are welcome to contribute to this consultation. Contributions are particularly sought from the national authorities.


Consultation period

From 06.01.2016 until 06.04.2016


Objective of the consultation

The European Commission is consulting stakeholders on whether to repeal or revise the Simplified Procedure Notice. The Commission intends to carry out a review to reflect, on the one hand, the amendments brought to the State aid framework (in particular with regard to the General Block Exemption Regulation No 800/2008 and the Procedural Regulation No 1589/2015) and, on the other hand, to take account of the experience gained with the implementation of the Notice. The objective is to ensure coherence and consistency in the application of the various instruments of the State Aid framework and to draw conclusions on the implementation and effectiveness of the Notice.


How to submit your contribution

We welcome contributions from citizens, organisations and public authorities.

  • If you are answering this consultation as a citizen, please click here to submit your contribution.
  • If you are answering this consultation on behalf of an organisation, please click here to submit your contribution.
  • If you are answering this consultation on behalf of a public authority, please click here to submit your contribution.

Received contributions will be published on this webpage. Submissions that are clearly marked "confidential" will be treated as such and not published. In that case please also provide a non-confidential version of your reply. It is important to read the privacy statement attached to this consultation for information on how your personal data and contribution will be dealt with.

Please note that we cannot guarantee to take account of replies received after the deadline. We would appreciate receiving documents in an electronic format.


View the consultation document

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Reference documents and other, related consultations

Notice on a Simplified Procedure for the Treatment of Certain Types of Aid

Citizen Summary bg cs da de el en es et fi fr hu it lt lv mt nl pl pt ro sk sl sv 


Contact details

Responsible service: Directorate-General for Competition – Unit O3 - State aid Policy and Case Support
Please always indicate the reference number in your correspondence: Ref.: HT. 1401


Postal address:
European Commission
Directorate-General for Competition
State aid registry
Ref.: HT.1401
1049 Bruxelles / Brussel
Belgique /België


Replies to the consultation

Member States
  • Belgium - European Center of Employers and Enterprises Providing Public Services 
  • Bulgaria - Ministry of Finance 
  • Czech Republic - Permanent Representation of the Czech Republic  
  • Estonia - Ministry of Finance  
  • Finland - Government of Åland 
  • Finland - Ministry of Employment and Economy 
  • France - autorités françaises 
  • Germany - Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie  
  • Ireland - Ireland's Government Departments  
  • Italy - Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri 
  • Latvia - Ministry of Finance
  • Lithuania - Competition Council of the Republic of Lithuania 
  • Netherlands - Dutch Interdepartementaal Steun Overleg (ISO)  
  • Poland - Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, Department of State Aid Monitoring  
  • Slovakia - Ministry of Finance  
  • Sweden - Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation, Division for Competition, State Aid and Framework Conditions  
  • UK - Department for Business, Innovation and Skills