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Competition Policy


eQuestionnaire – The Commission's electronic investigative platform

The Commission uses the web-based application "eQuestionnaire" in its market investigations.

The application provides respondents with a modern, secure and efficient web-based workspace to submit their replies to the Commission. It is designed to accommodate the input of both large corporations and smaller companies, while improving and streamlining the Commission's market investigations.

Companies requested to provide information will receive an email informing them of the launch of an investigation, inviting them to log on to eQuestionnaire using a unique access code. After first confirming their contact details and the receipt of the request for information, companies can fill in the questionnaire directly online or – if preferred – export the questionnaire to a text editor, complete the responses there and upload the replies into the application afterwards.

Further practical details about eQuestionnaire (tutorial)

Feedback and questions

Respondents can send questions or suggestions on eQuestionnaire directly to the relevant case team at DG Competition. Contact details of the case team are provided both in the email sent to the recipient of the questionnaire and in the application itself.

Practical information on how to provide contact details

In order to provide contact details for competitors and customers in electronic format please use the following template:

Questionnaires in a market investigation are sent out electronically on the basis of this template. It is therefore essential that you do not deviate from the template in order to avoid any delay in the market investigation. For merger investigations, please always submit the contact details in advance as a draft together with the draft Form CO.