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Competition Policy

Requests for Information (RFI)

In order to acquire the information necessary for its investigation, the Commission may issue Requests for Information (RFIs). This investigative power is outlined in Article 18 of Regulation 1/2003.

  • Information may be requested by a simple RFI or by a Commission Decision
  • The Commission can address RFIs to undertakings or associations of undertakings, to governments, and competent authorities of the Member Sates.
  • The Commission shall state the legal basis, the purpose of the request and specify what information is required
  • The Commission is required to fix a time limit within which the information should be provided
  • The Commission shall state the penalties provided for in Article 23 or Regulation 1/2003 for providing incorrect or misleading information
  • When information is requested by Decision, the Commission shall indicate or impose the penalties provide for in Article 24 of Regulation 1/2003
  • The owners of the undertakings or their representatives shall supply the information requested
  • For legal persons, companies, firms or associations having no legal personality, the information shall be supplied by those persons authorised to represent them.
  • Duly authorised lawyers may supply the information on behalf of their clients.

In order to appoint a lawyer to act on behalf of a party, the model Power of Attorney in all languages can be found below:

13 JANVIER 2021
(28.1 KB - DOCX)


Submission of documents in reply to a Commission RFI:

  • eTrustEx (Trusted Document Exchange) ensures secure transmission of documents between DG Competition and external stakeholders;
  • eQuestionnaire - The Commission uses the web-based application in its market investigations;
  • Recommendations for electronic document submission in Antitrust and Cartel Proceedings.


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