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Competition Policy

IT tools for external lawyers

DG Competition has developed a variety of platform-based IT tools to facilitate investigation procedures. 

The working environment provided by these tools is far more secure than the use of email correspondence, and also provide a swifter, digital solution to work intensive procedures.

To access these told for the first time, users must create an EU Login account (or use an existing EU Login account). An EU Login can be created for a law firm or individually (by lawyer or by partner).

DG Competition will announce new tools as they become available, at which time they will be linked to this page.


The tools currently available are:


An online IT tool designed to facilitate the submission of leniency statements and their supporting documents to DG COMP.

eLeniency is available here.


A secure platform to submit, substantiate and negotiate confidentiality claims with DG Competition.

eConfidentiality is available here.


eTrustEx (Trusted Document Exchange) ensures the secure transmission of documents between DG Competition and external stakeholders.

eTrustEx is available here.


A secure and efficient web-based workspace to submit replies to market investigation inquiries.

eQuestionnaire is available here.