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DMA workshop – The DMA and data-related obligations

Workshop of 5 May 2023 on “The DMA and data related obligations” will aim to discuss how to ensure effective compliance with the data-related provisions set out in the Digital Markets Act.

This workshop will address issues such as the processing for the purpose of providing online advertising services, combination, and cross-use of personal data by gatekeepers, the use of non-publicly available data of business users and data portability.

The Regulation (EU) 2022/1925, Digital Markets Act was published in the Official Journal on 12 October 2022. It entered into force on 1 November 2022 and will be applicable as of 2 May 2023. It is the first global regulation aiming to ensure fair and contestable markets in the digital sector. The Commission believes it is important for all stakeholders to provide their input and views on various implementation questions, whilst fully respecting the letter and the spirit of the Digital Markets Act.

The view of third parties, including but not exclusively of those who are potential beneficiaries of the Digital Markets Act will be an important input in ensuring practicable, transparent, and effective compliance solutions.

Framework of the workshop and practical issues

The workshop on data-related obligations will take place in Brussels in the room Lord Jenkins of the Charlemagne building (Rue de la Loi 170, 1000 Brussels), on 5 May 2023. Following the introductory remarks by the Commission, there will be several panels on specific topics related to compliance with the data-related provisions set out in the DMA. The different panels will focus particularly on topics such as the processing for the purpose of providing online advertising services, the combination and the cross-use of personal data, how to foster contestability and fairness regarding the use of non-publicly available data of business users and effective, privacy compliant data portability for end users. In this context, Articles 5(2), 6(2), 6(9) and 6(10) of the DMA will form an essential part of the discussion as well as the interplay between the DMA and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The agenda can be found below:


The above issues will be discussed by selected panel members before opening an all-inclusive discussion between all participants present physically or online. To facilitate the hybrid discussion, slido will be used to collect and select questions from the online audience. This will also allow the Commission to take account of issues that may have been raised but could not be addressed in the workshop due to time constraints.

The discussion during the workshop will be based on the exchange of non-confidential information and should not include any sensitive business information, since the workshop is recorded and web-streamed to the online audience.

You can attend in person at the Charlemagne building or participate online through our interactive platform.

Due to capacity constraints, around 120 people can be present in the room. Therefore, physical participation is prioritised for representatives of potential gatekeepers, data protection authorities, and the stakeholder community at large, including civil society representatives such as human rights and consumer protection associations. Participation in the room will be limited to one representative per entity/organisation. Other attendees, including journalists, consultants, external lawyers, and other academics or students, are invited to join the workshops online, with the possibility to ask questions.

The workshop will take place in English. No interpretation will be provided.

The interested stakeholders can register via the following link: