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Competition Policy

Publications and Discussion papers (Chief Competition Economist)


Recent Developments at DG Competition: 2021/2022
Thomas Buettner, Daniel Coublucq, Rossitza Kotzeva, Lluis Sauri-Romero and Pierre Régibeau


Recent Developments at DG Competition: 2020/2021
Apostolos Baltzopoulos, Liliane Karlinger, Dimitrios Magos, Pierre Régibeau and João Vareda


Mergers with Differentiated Products: Where do we Stand?
Tommaso Valletti and Hans Zenger

Analyzing Vertical Mergers
Hans Zenger

Recent Developments at DG Competition: 2019/2020
Liliane Karlinger, Dimitrios Magos, Pierre Regibeau and Hans Zenger


Increasing Market Power and Merger Control
Tommaso Valletti and Hans Zenger

Antitrust and Innovation: Welcoming and protecting disruption 
Giulio Federico, Fiona Scott Morton and Carl Shapiro

Interchange Fee Regulation and Service Investments
Markus Reisinger and Hans Zenger

Parallel Imports, Price Controls, and Innovation
Markus Reisinger, Lluís Saurí and Hans Zenger

Vertical relations, opportunism, and welfare
Germain Gaudin

Online Privacy and Market Structure: Theory and Evidence 
Sapi Geza with Sabatino Lorien

Collective Exclusion
Karlinger Giardino Liliane joint with Calcagno Claudio A.

Recent Developments at DG Competition: 2018/2019
Rossitza Kotzeva, David Kovo, Szabolcs Lorincz, Geza Sapi, Lluis Sauri and Tommaso Valletti


Customer Recognition and Mobile Geo-Targeting
Sapi Geza with Reiz Tim and Baye Irina

Recent Developments at DG Competition: 2017/2018
Andrea Amelio, Thomas Buettner, Cyril Hariton, Gábor Koltay, Penelope Papandropoulos, Geza Sapi, Tommaso Valletti, Hans Zenger

Vertical Bargaining and Retail Competition: What Drives Countervailing Power?
Germain Gaudin

Recapture Ratios in Merger Analysis
Serge Moresi and Hans Zenger

Should Profit Margins Play a More Decisive Role in Merger Control? - A Rejoinder to Jorge Padilla
Tommaso Valletti and Hans Zenger

Horizontal mergers and product innovation
Giulio Federico, Gregor Langus and Tommaso Valletti


Should Mobile Marketers Collect Other Data Than Geo‐Location?
Sapi Geza with Baye Irina

Recent developments at DG Competition: 2016/2017
Benno Buehler, Daniel Coublucq, Cyril Hariton, Gregor Langus, Tommaso Valletti

Horizontal Mergers, Innovation and the Competitive Process
Giulio Federico


Recent developments at DG Competition: 2015/2016
Claici Adina, Coublucq Daniel, Federico Giulio, Motta Massimo, Sauri Romero Lluis


Ex-post evaluation analysis of two mobile telecom mergers: T-Mobile/tele.ring in Austria and T-Mobile/Orange in the Netherlands
Luca Aguzzoni, Benno Buehler, Luca Di Martile, Georg Ecker, Ron Kemp, Anton Schwarz, Robert Stil

Recent developments at DG Competition: 2014
Giulio Federico, Massimo Motta and Penelope Papandropoulos


Recent Developments at DG Competition: 2013–2014
Benno Buehler, Gábor Koltay, Xavier Boutin, Massimo Motta, Review of Industrial Organization


Consumer Welfare in EU Competition Policy
Svend Albaek in C. Heide-Jørgensen, C.Bergqvist, U. Neergaard and S.T. Poulsen (eds.)

Economic Analysis at the European Commission 2012–2013
Thomas Buettner, Giulio Federico, Kai-Uwe Kühn and Dimitrios Magos

Multimarket contact in Italian retail banking: Competition and welfare
Jozsef Molnara, Roberto Violi and Xiaolan Zhou

SEPs and Evidence-Based Antitrust Enforcement
Kai-Uwe Kuhn, Fiona Scott Morton and Howard Shelanski

Optimal Asset Divestments with Homogenous Products 
Giulio Federico and Angel L. Lopez

SAA II: Abuse of Dominance in the South African skies 
Giulio Federico

Communication, Renegotiation and the Scope for Collusion 
Kai-Uwe Kühn and David J. Cooper

Financial Constraints and the Moral Hazard: The Case for Franchising 
Kai-Uwe Kühn, Ying Fan and Francine Lafontaine


Tying and freebies in two-sided markets
Andrea Amelio and Bruno Julien

Economics at DG Competition, 2011–2012 
Kai-Uwe Kühn, Szabolcs Lorincz, Vincent Verouden and Annemiek Wilpshaar

How Market Fragmentation can Facilitate Collusion 
Kai-Uwe Kühn

Contingent Capital: An In-Depth Discussion 
Stan Maes and Wim Schouten

Empirical Review of EU Asset Relief Measures in the Period 2008-2012 
Yassine Boudghene and Stan Maes

Relieving Banks from Toxic or Impaired Assets: The EU State Aid Policy Framework 
Yassine Boudghene and Stan Maes Maes

Sabotaging entry: an estimation of damages in the directory enquiry service market 
Maite Martinez Granado and Georges Sotis

Should Variable Cost Aid to Attract Foreign Direct Investment be Banned? A European Perspective
Mario Mariniello

Leveraging Monopoly Power by Degrading Interoperability 
Kai-Uwe Kühn, Christos Genakos and John Van Reenen


Economics at DG Comp 2008-2009
Damien Neven and Miguel de la Mano

Capacity choices in liberalised electricity markets 
Fidel Castro-Rodriguez, Pedro L. Marín and Georges Sotis

Market definition in recent EC merger investigations: The role of empirical analysis
Andrea Amelio and Daniel Donath

Competition policy in times of crisis
David Spector, Andrea Amelio, Georges Siotis, Antoine Winckler, François-Charles Laprévote and Carlos Winograd

Generic entry in prescription medicines in the EU: main characteristics, determinants and effects 
Elzbieta Glowicka, Szabolcs Lorincz, Enrico Pesaresi, Lluis Sauri Romero and Vincent Verouden


Ökonomische Analyse in der EU Wettbewerbspolitik
Lars-Hendrik Röller and Hans W. Friederiszick

The Impact of the New Substantive Test in European Merger Control
Lars-Hendrik Röller and Miguel de la Mano