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Competition Policy

Economic Advisory Group on Competition Policy (EAGCP)

The EAGCP creates a discussion forum on competition policy matters between academics who have a recognised reputation in the field of industrial organisation. Members represent different fields of research and academic research centres in Europe. Its main purpose is to support DG Competition in improving the economic reasoning in competition policy analysis.


EAGCP members are proposed by the Chief Economist and nominated by the Commissioner.

The current members are:

  • BOURREAU Marc cv
  • CALZOLARI Giacomo cv
  • CESTONE Giacinta cv
  • DUSO Tomaso cv
  • FABRA Natalia cv
  • FUMAGALLI Chiara cv
  • HEIDHUES Paul cv
  • KYLE Margaret cv
  • REY Patrick cv
  • SCHNITZER Monika cv
  • SOVINSKY Michelle cv
  • SPIEGEL Yossi cv
  • TARANTINO Emanuele cv
  • VERGE Thibaud cv

Opinions of the EAGCP

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Plenary sessions