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Competition Policy

Leniency applications

How to make an application for Leniency

In order to benefit from the Leniency Notice, companies can approach the Commission directly or through a legal adviser.


To apply for leniency please contact the Commission only through:


Should you wish to discuss informally about leniency submissions, you can contact one of the Commission leniency officers by calling the following dedicated telephone numbers, which are monitored from 09.00 to 17.00 on weekdays

Telephone numbers: +32 2 298.41.75 or +32 2 298.41.91


The use of the eLeniency online tool or the dedicated email address ensures that the precise time and date of the contact is duly recorded and that the information is treated with the utmost confidentiality within the Commission.

Due to the confidential status of leniency applications, companies are requested not to send any application to the Commission by any channel other than the eLeniency online tool or the leniency email address.

For more information on eLeniency, click here.

The E-leniency tool should also be used for corporate statements submitted under the leniency procedure. It therefore replaces the oral procedure at the Commission’s premises that had been designed to accommodate disclosure and discovery concerns.

Important information on the organisation and procedure of oral statements can be found in this document. Please read this document before making your first corporate statement.


Waivers of confidentiality

The Commission Leniency Notice requires a leniency applicant to inform the Commission about any other applications it has filed or intends to file with other competition authorities.

We therefore requests that leniency applicants provide us with a full waiver of confidentiality using the uniform template that has been developed by the International Competition Network.

The purpose of this information is to enable the Commission to coordinate its investigation with other competition authorities. Save for information exchanges within the European Competition Network, which are governed by specific rules (see Regulation 1/2003 and the Commission Notice on cooperation within the Network of Competition Authorities), the Commission will only discuss information received under the Leniency Notice with other competition authorities pursuant to a confidentiality waiver provided by the leniency applicant.

In order to facilitate the provision of waivers and to increase their uniformity worldwide, the International Competition Network (ICN) has adopted Waiver Templates and an Explanatory Note (2014). DG Competition has fully endorsed this guidance and accordingly the ICN template. The applicants should give the waiver immediately when making their first submission under the Commission Leniency Notice.

The ICN waiver template does not preclude exchange of documents received from leniency applicants between the competition authorities. However, DG Competition will generally only discuss generic case information and not exchange such documents with the competition authorities listed in the waiver. It is only exceptionally, and pursuant to the applicant's prior consent, that such exchanges could take place.